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REVIEW: Professional Tarot by Christine Jette

Professional Tarot: The business of reading, consulting and teaching - by Christine Jette

This book really fills a niche; there are untold numbers of books on how to read the cards, but this is the only one to date to give advice on how to make a business of it.

Christine Jette offers a lot of useful advice here, and is particularly good on a couple of issues: 1) a reality check on whether or not this is something you want to do for a living and 2) talking to people who are potentially at risk.

This is a well laid-out book, and includes self-analysis tools for you to decide that kind of reader you will probably be. Practical considerations get plenty of play here as well as the soft, fuzzies - how to build your clientele, how to advertise, where to set up and so on.

This is NOT a book on how to interprete Tarot cards. This presupposes that you already know how to interprete the cards, so don't look for Tarot lore here.

Chapters on building an online or telephone business are fairly good, although the author doesn't mention any of the rather 'scammy' groups you might be sucked into; a warning to the beginning professional might be in order here.

Taxes, incorporating, licensing (if required in your area), organizing your work space - all covered. This is a great resource if you're thinking about turning your hobby into a money-maker. (There are a couple issues the author either ignores or glosses over - I'll talk to these issues myself in a later article.)