Arachnae's Metaphysics

Mystical Experiences

Everyone has had some experience that they felt defied rational explanation. Perhaps a ghostly encounter, or a prescient dream. There are many ways to explain these experiences. Many of these types of experiences, such as astral travel or seeing visions in a crystal, are apparently skills that people can train themselves to be able to experience at will.

These experiences cross cultural boundaries - almost every culture has some tradition of induced altered states of consciousness, for example.

This section is devoted to articles examining or describing the kinds of experiences that are often called 'mystical'.

FEATURED ARTICLE:  What is Astral Travel?
Astral Travel, or Astral Projection, is often called Out of Body Experiences, or OBE. In brief, it is the experience that your spirit has become separate from your body and can move independently of it. People have often reported the sensation of leaving their bodies to hover near the ceiling in hospital rooms after accidents - this, astral travelers say, is stress-induced astral projection. (more)