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Divination and Tarot

Divination as a source of knowledge about the present and future has been around as long as mankind. Early divination techniques involved noticing simple things occuring in nature and drawing conclusions from them - birds flying overhead from left to right might be thought to mean something different from birds flying from right to left, for instance.

Animals were slaughtered and their entrails investigated for clues to the will of the gods. Patterns were discerned in the stars, in the clouds, in smoke, in the surface of still water and in tealeaves.

Modern divination is a process of making yourself receptive to the messages you might be receiving from forces around you. This might be as internal as listening to your own subconscious, or you might be tuning in to the wisdom of the Creative Force of the Universe. Whatever the case, modern divination is alive and well - fortunately we have left the entrail reading to our ancestors.

Review: Professional Tarot: The business of reading, consulting and teaching - by Christine Jette - New
This book really fills a niche; there are untold numbers of books on how to read the cards, but this is the only one to date to give advice on how to make a business of it. (more)
FEATURED ARTICLE:  How to Use a Pendulum
Pendulums are often used for divination because they're cheap and they're simple to learn to use, unlike the tarot where you need to learn the 'book meaning' of every one of 78 cards.

A typical pendulum is a semi-precious stone depending from a chain; the stone is usually formed in a spear-point shape, pointing downward.

You 'divine' with the pendulum by asking it questions.  (more)