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Nag Champa - the most popular incense in the world

Nag Champa is the best selling incense in my store, so I wasn't surprised to learn that it is the most popular incense in the world. Most people, even those who have never heard the name, will recognize the scent – it is a sweet floral odor, much in favor in the psychedelic sixties and in ashrams and meditation centers today.

Nag Champa is named for its primary constituent, the perfume oil of the Champa flower. This relative to the magnolia grows up to 100 feet tall, and is native to India, where most Nag Champa incenses come from, Pakistan and Nepal.

The champa tree with its profusion of blossoms is highly prized in India, and often planted near or in monasteries and around holy sites. Nag Champa oil had been a traditional product of Hindu and Buddhist monasteries for centuries. The flowers are distilled for their attar, or essential oils, which are blended with a sandalwood base and a variety of other fragrances. The recipes used by each producer of Nag Champa is top-secret!

Use Nag Champa incense to purify ritual tools and sacred spaces, and as an inducement to tranquility when meditating.