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Moon Signs

Everyone knows what their sun sign is. It's the sign of the Zodiac that the sun was in on your birthday. There are only twelve signs of the Zodiac, so when you're reading your newspaper horoscope, remember that what it says in theory applies to one-twelfth of the population. Of course it's going to be a little generic.

Most people do not know what their moon sign is. This is the sign of the Zodiac that the moon was in on your birthday, and since the moon migrates through the signs faster than the sun does, you have to go to a look-up table to find out. Here's a good source for locating your moon sign: LINK

The sun is said to rule your individuality (along with everyone else born during that period - how unique!) and the moon rules your personality. A sun-moon combination is therefore more accurate, since only 1/144th of the population will share that same sun-moon combination. Go here to read about your particular sun-moon combo.