Arachnae's Metaphysics

Moldavite - the Extraterrestrial Stone

This stone is sometimes called the Crystal from Outer Space or the Stone that Fell to Earth, to reflect its putatively extraterrestrial origins.

It is found only in the Moldau Valley in the Czech Republic, the result of a meteor strike some millions of years ago. The crystal is translucent and a clear green color, darker than peridot, and of a slightly 'olive' shade. Some people believe the crystal is extraterrestial in origin, while most generally hold that it originated from indigenous rocks heated by the strike, and combines both terrestrial and extraterrestrial components.

In healing, moldavite can be used to make one aware of the cause of an illness.

Metaphysically, moldavite helps the bearer or wearer to establish a cosmic spiritual connection and also loosens dependence on or connection to material things. It is considered supportive if you need to let go of old ideas. For this reason, it can possibly be damaging to established relationships if you staying in them out of habit or fear.

Magickally, moldavite can be used for heavy protection spells and (not surprisingly) for astral travel.

Moldavite is a very beautiful stone, both rough and cut. Be warned, however - because of the nature of its 'production' and a fairly limited worldwide supply, it is not cheap.