Arachnae's Metaphysics

What is Astral Travel?

Astral Travel, or Astral Projection, is often called Out of Body Experiences, or OBE. In brief, it is the experience that your spirit has become separate from your body and can move independently of it. People have often reported the sensation of leaving their bodies to hover near the ceiling in hospital rooms after accidents - this, astral travelers say, is stress-induced astral projection.

People often travel astrally while asleep, and everyone can learn to astrally travel at will, according to Joe H. Slate, author of Rejuvenation Strategies for Living Younger, Longer and Better. In his book, he recommends visiting the astral plane periodically for its rejuvenating properties.

Where do you go?

Astral travel can take you either to astral dimensions (also called higher planes of existence, the astral plane, etc), or to farflung corners of our own dimension here on earth. Some travel back to their childhoods, to uncover mysteries of their youth, or even to explore past lives.

Some people have reported traveling several years into the future, but most people travel to explore the astral realm, speak to beloved teachers who have ascended to the astral, and in general exercise their astral body preparatory for its ultimate migration.

How do you do it?

Some people prepare for astral travel as part of their normal sleeping routine, much like lucid dreaming. They form the intention to travel in their dreams during sleep, recite some affirmations about their intentions (where they want to go, who they want to see) while lying in bed, and then either travel or not during their sleep period.

Others make astral projection a more waking state meditation, performed while seated rather than lying down, but much of the preparation and mental activity is similar, and entails mentally visualizing your astral body glowing with energy and lifting separate from your physical body.